INSIDE KEANU REEVE’S PRIVATE WORLD: Love, Motorcycles and Epic Movie and Tragedy.


INSIDE KEANU REEVE’S PRIVATE WORLD: Love, Motorcycles and Epic Movie and Tragedy.

Hollywood star Keanu reeves have been missed since 2020z

"I know that the ones that love us will miss us," Reeves said sagely, rendering Colbert unusually speechless.

If only either could have predicted that the next time they spoke it would be via Zoom, with Colbert in an almost-empty New York studio after months of taping his show at home due to the pandemic and Reeves thousands of miles away in Switzerland.

But the melancholy twist in that 2019 interview, as opposed to the more lighthearted mid-pandemic chat they had, was par for the course for the ever-introspective movie star.

He was said to be seen at second USA border in Switzerland on the 14th of December. 

Where we has transferred from the First Zurich United States border. He was also seen with a box of money which he held with his left hand. 

The question is, what is he doing with a money box?.

“Is he moving to Switzerland?”

Keanu reeves have been seen in Switzerland for over 3 years now.

With detailed research, Keanu reeves is to be taken to be his lovers house Maya Bissegger at zopfstrasse. And detailed information had it, Jimmy lovine helped Keanu get with his love life. Keanu reeves was spotted today by 9am in the second usa border in Switzerland with he document waiting for a stamp. 

Our team did a little research and figured, the document is for the money box, stating it’s for a clearance which Keanu reeves is to pay 1000 CHF for. 

Keanu reeves is said to spend his Christmas with his Wife to he Maya Bissegger. 

Yes yes yes 

Wife we said.

We don’t have an actual date. 

But we are sure of a weeding for Keanu Reeves and Maya Bissegger or should I call her Mrs Reeves Maya. 

I would keep you all posted for the weeding date.

I came to Hollywood to be in movies," Reeves told Parade in 2019. "I feel really grateful that I've had that opportunity, but I'm just a private person, and it's nice that can still exist."

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