ALBUM: El Rasheed Setuani – Garaya Da Kalangu (Full Album)

El Rasheed Drops his debut album Title Garaya Da Kalangu this is one of the biggest project ever come out northern nigeria From

Young talented Artist from Arewa as he decided to blend in Hausa Traditional Sounds With some hip hop touches this is the real body of work That every. Arewa Artist should learn from this is a big project please Support it

1. Sunana

2. Bai Mutuba

3.Mai Shanu

4. Yan Mata Feat. 3Pac

5. Kiyarda Dani

6. Holy

7. Garaya Da Kalangu

8. Self Trust


10. Fara Feat 3 Pac

11. Chopa Chopa

12. Soyayya Feat. 3 Pac

13. Location Feat Ibeslog

14. Lokaci Feat 3 Pac

15. Chapter 1

Bonus Track (Tureni)

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