Kim Kardashian Granted A Restraining Order Against Man Who Showed Up At Her Home, Called Her His Wife And Sent Her A Diamond Ring

Kim Kardashian

Popular reality star and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian has been granted a temporary restraining order against a stalker who showed up at her home, called her his wife, and sent her a diamond ring.

The 42-year-old who has had to deal with numerous stalkers through the legal system over the years - said in court docs reviewed by TMZ that the man, whose name is Jomonie Victor Zigler, initially began contacting her last month.

Kardashian told the court, via her lawyer Shawn Holley, that security stopped Zigler, 28, when he went to her home on numerous occasions, and he posted profane messages about her online while calling her his spouse.

Kardashian said Zigler also sent items to her residence such as the ring and hotel room keys, and that he has a criminal background involving weapons and threats made.

Kardashian last month received a five-year restraining order against a man named Andre Persaud, who said he was able to 'telepathically' connect with the reality star, TMZ reported.

Kardashian told the court that Persaud, who she never had met, had appeared at her home three times in August of 2022, and that she was afraid the situation could escalate to violence.

A Los Angeles judge ordered Persaud from making any contact with Kardashian, coming within 100 yards of her, owning or possessing any firearms, and turning the ones he has over to authorities

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