Most Streamed Arewa Artists On YouTube 2022

It is now a known fact that Northern Nigerian music-or has gone as global as possible and there is always the need to measure what kind of success and traction (mostly through streaming) it is making out there, especially on digital platforms like YouTube where artists have to share the music videos to their songs through

Most viewed Nigerian 2022 YouTube Videos

1. Ado Gwanja “Warr”- 2.9 M
2. Ado Gwanja “Warr” ( Audio)- 2.1M
3. Meleri – “Wuff Dake”- 1.7M
4. Ado Gwanja – “Chass”- 1.5M
5. Sadiq Saleh – “Abin Ya Motsa”- 1.4
6. Auta Waziri – “Ke Nake Gani”- 1.1M
7. Auta MG Boy – “Inaji Dake”- 1.1M
8. Umar m shariff – “Rikee”- 1M
9. Hamisu Breaker – “Dan Dako”- 1M
10. Auta MG Boy – “Duniyar So”- 1M

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