Iyanya Recognizes the Role Wizkid Played in Tems’ Success

Recently, Afropop singer Iyanya has posited that Afrobeats star Wizkid is an instrumental part of Tems‘ success story.

Iyanya agreed that the success the Grammy winner enjoys today was largely due to the influence and contributory role of Wizkid. The duo of Wiz and Tems collaborated on the song Essence, a track which has bagged multiple nominations and dominated charts both domestic and foreign.

In response to a tweet that read; “Is it safe to say Wizkid is part of Tems’ success story?”

Iyanya wrote; “Definitely.”

Iyanya agrees that Wizkid is behind Tems' success - iyanya tems tweet


collaborative effort of Wiz and Tems’ resulted in an iconic track that scored Tems her Grammy-nominated single and a place on the best-selling Melodic Rap Performance chart. The track is a perfect blend of their unique and amazing music, and gives testament to the immense success both artists can achieve when their talents are put together.

At the end of the day, both Wizkid and Tems have certainly seen the heights of their successes, and will continue to be two of music’s most iconic force for years to come.

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