Nigerian Lady Highlights Experience A Year After Relocating To U.K

A Nigerian lady who relocated to the UK a year ago has taken to Twitter to give a breakdown of her experience.

The Nigerian Tech-sis identified as Miss Misola shared her experience during a year of undertaking her Master’s program in the U.K.

Miss Misola revealed that her bumpy journey in the Queen’s country caused her to cry so many times that she lost count.

In her words;

“Officially one year in the UK, and in that one year, I have:

1. Finished my Masters.

2. Cried over one million times 3. Moved closer to God. 4. Worked in two different companies as a Product Owner. 5. Got a sponsorship job as a Product Manager. 6. Saw two therapists. 7. Learnt how to cook.

8. Turned down three job offers. (Customer care)

9. Applied for over 5,000 jobs.

10. Learnt SQL. 😂

11. Damaged my sleeping routine.😂

12. Bought Alexa. 😂

13. Did stadium jobs, warehouse, carer, support worker, domiciliary care worker, waitress etc

14. Still attend virtual church.😢

15. Mentored 2 people to transition into project management in the UK.

16. Prepped over 3 people for job interviews & they have a job now🔥

17. I have been addicted to TikTok.

18. Seen the light with sunscreen.

19. My mental health has suffered

20. I have not left the same apartment I rented when I got here, after making mouth that I’ll just be here for 3 months.

Cheers to another one year.🥂🥂

My goal for this year is to change apartment, learn how to lay frontals & do that UK baddie makeup.

Once this is done, we up!”

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