Liverpool lifts Premier League trophy after thrashing Chelsea 5 - 3 at Anfield (Photos)

Speaking to Sky Sports after his side were crowned champions. Jurgen Klopp said: 'That’s how life is you make the best of what you get. Everything would be better with fans but we’ve known for six months it would not be possible but I didn’t think we’d even do this a few months ago.

'I couldn’t be happier, it would be perfect if the stadium would be full but we cannot change it. We do it for them. Everyone celebrates at home, it’s a great moment.'

Klopp continues: 'We are champions of england, Europe and the world. I know how that sounds but it’s the truth. We’ve won four trophies, really big ones.

Thank you very much, we should all together celebrate at home, drink celebrate, when this b******* virus is gone we will celebrate together and have a party!'

Liverpool F.C. had previously won England's top football league 18 times. The club's last league title win was the 1989-90 season.

See more photos below.

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