MUSICVIDEO : XYZ Family Ft. Elisha Long, Keem, Xain & Terry The Vocalist – Kulima

XYZ Family‘s growing talents, Elisha Long, Keem, Xain, and Terry The Vocalist, joined together to create a stunning new song called “Kulima,” which showcases the present and the future the record label holds.

The song’s message is expressed by Kulima, which means “to Cultivate.” The lyrics are sincere and encourage listeners to put forth the effort required to develop and nourish their relationships. Miles Came Along received production credit for this intriguing music.

The beautiful music accompanied a magnificent video featuring breathtaking scenery and a romantic plot that brought the song’s message to life. Kindly check it out below.
Watch, download and share Elisha Long, Keem, Xain and Terry The Vocalist’s song “Kulima” below.

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