EP Review: Mr. Boombastic Has No Bad Songs By Paul McPetros

It is no news that BlaqBonez's alter ego is Mr. Boombastic. And the relationship between the two personalities can be compared to a forerunner and a survivor. BlaqBonez came to pave the way for Mr. Boombastic.

Apart from Mr. Boombastic being the other personality of BlaqBonez, it is the title of his just released EP. Mr. Boombastic EP is a well crafted music masterpiece with 7 perfect tracks.

BlaqBonez is a Hip Hop artiste par excellence with extraordinary versatility. The EP presents to you Mr. Boombastic the Afrobeats guy. His performance either as a rapper or a singer on EP left no room of mediocrities.

First listen to the 22 minutes EP, you might close your eyes and wear a big smile as you listen to BlaqBonez on the opening track 'Run My Race' singing his way into your ears with his melodious hook. The song is mellow - smooth and pleasant. It turns your groove mood on and places you in an atmosphere where you are ready to consume something of high flavor. Run My Race is a tale of a rapper that made it because he believed in himself. It is one of the two songs on the EP that BlaqBonez actually rap.

The follow up track titled 'Boombastic' has BlaqBonez singing the praise of a fantastic lady to boogey down and dance. It is quite interesting to know that Mr. Boombastic knows how to party. What BlaqBonez did on the song was good enough but it was better with Falz on it with a rap verse.

'Shut Up' was the lead song of the EP that ushered in the Mr. Boombastic persona. The song is wavvy. It has a catchy hook. And it is intriguing how BlaqBonez was able to deliver playful rap verses that slap and stick.

On 'Magic', the fourth song on the EP we have BlaqBonez singing. He featured the amazing Black Magic. Black Magic has a thing with his voice and how he delivers his rap. Magic is about love and romance. The trumpet play at the end song is the icing on the cake. Sweet.

'Come For You' and 'God When' has BlaqBonez singing again.The snippets of the Best Rapper in Africa rap verse was unnecessary in Come For You.

'Promo' is the sweet bottom pot of the jollof-like EP. It is the song with seasonings and the sauce. Promo talks about money and its relevance in our everyday lives. The hook of the song is everything. And the phrase "...nah the money be the promo" summarizes the song. Promo should be the new hustlers anthem for the time being.

It is obvious that the Mr. Boombastic EP is inspired by Afrobeats and Dancehall. BlaqBonez gave us what is popular. Afrobeats is the genre of the year. Alot of great heights and milestones have been recorded in regards how Afrobeats is influencing the culture in Africa and around the globe. While we were expecting BlaqBonez to go hard on the EP as the Best Rapper in Africa, he went Afrobeats on us. We are not disappointed.

The Mr. Boombastic EP has no bad songs. It has good songs for the clubs and the radios. And we are pleading that before Mr. Boombastic will bring back the BlaqBonez in him, he should serve us with more Afrobeats and Dancehall inspired songs. The EP is not enough.

Review by Paul McPetros, a Music Business 'wannabe' Executive.

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