Rema Has Changed My Life Forever - American Singer, Selena Gomez Declares


World-famous American singer, Selena Gomez, has expressed gratitude to Rema, one of the world's biggest Afrobeats stars.

Selena Gomez is thanking Rema for the opportunity to feature on the global hit ‘Calm Down‘.

In February 2022, Rema put out ‘Calm Down’ as a single off ‘Rave and Roses’, his debut album.

A few months later, the Nigerian teamed up with Gomez for the remix of the chart-topping song.

In a message of appreciation to Rema, Gomez said featuring on Calm Down changed her life forever.

The 30-year-old US songstress, who has 450 million Instagram followers, also expressed ceaseless love for Rema, 23.

“This man has changed my life forever,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Rema, thank you for choosing me to be apart of one of the biggest songs in the world. Love you forever. @heisrema”.

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