REVEALED: Why Ghanaian Artist Black Sherif was Arrested

The real reason why Ghanaian artist Black Sherif also known as Blacko was arrestedhas been revealed after being detained at the station.

According to reports, the artist was picked up at the Kotoka International Airport a few hours after his arrival by a cruise ship company for allegedly taking money but refusing to perform at a cruise ship event.

Cruise People Limited also known as ‘Your Cruise People’ reportedly paid an amount of money to the management of Mohammed Sherrif (Black Sherrif) for the artist to perform at the second edition of its musical cruise onboard a cruise ship dubbed Afro Cruise Jam, on August 19, 2023, in Greece.

The management of Black Sherif allegedly charged Cruise People Ltd Forty Thousand United States Dollars ($40,000) and came to an agreement that the artiste and his booking agents (United Talent Agency a.k.a Echo Location Talent Agency) will pay the artist an initial payment of Twenty Thousand United States Dollars ($20,000) as a start-up to seal the deal and also record a video confirming his participation and availability for the said show on the cruise ship at the agreed dates.

However, after the deal was sealed, Cruise People Limited waited for Black Sherif to record a video to enlighten its audience about his performance at the show. The artist allegedly refused to fulfill his part of the contract; the reason why he was arrested yesterday over breach of contract.

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